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Pediatric Dentistry in Carmel Valley

Developing great oral hygiene habits from a young age is very important for your children. The habits they learn as a child are likely to stick with them for the rest of their lives, so it’s critical to make sure they brush and floss properly and visit a family dentist like Dr. Bancroft for an oral exam and teeth cleaning every six months. Schedule an appointment for your little ones by calling our office at (858) 755-3780 today!

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When Should I Schedule

My Child’s First Appointment?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAPD) recommends that your child should start seeing a family or pediatric dentist when they turn one year old, or whenever their first tooth comes out. 

Seeing the dentist from an early age has a number of benefits. It will make your child more comfortable and familiar with the process of dental visits so they will feel less anxious at the dentist. It also allows Dr. Bancroft to track your child’s oral development and spot any potential issues. Routine appointments also provide a chance to ask any questions you may have about proper oral hygiene and care as your child grows up and their dental needs change.

What Can I Expect

From My Child’s First Visit?

This mostly depends on the age of your child. If your child is 1-2 years old and only has a few of their baby teeth, Dr. Bancroft will gently clean each tooth and your child’s gums, and perform an oral exam to check for any potential oral health issues. Then, she can answer any questions you may have about caring for your child’s mouth.

If your child has most or all of their baby teeth, which is usually the case between the ages of 3-4, we will perform a teeth cleaning and oral exam, just like we would for an adult patient. Your child’s mouth will be cleaned to remove plaque and bacteria, then their teeth will be polished and flossed. Dr. Bancroft will examine their mouth for signs of issues like tooth decay. X-rays may be recommended if we believe they are necessary, and if you approve. Taking x-rays allows our team to identify small issues that may not be visible to the naked eye so they can be addressed before they turn into larger complications.

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Fight Back Against Cavities

Fluoride Treatments for Children

Fluoride treatments are a great way to prevent cavities, which are the most common preventable childhood disease. Fluoride is a natural mineral that has the unique ability to remineralize teeth. In the presence of high levels of fluoride, enamel that has been weakened by minor tooth decay can actually rebuild and strengthen itself, preventing cavities from forming. 

During treatment, Dr. Bancroft will paint a fluoride-rich liquid onto your child’s teeth. This liquid is left in place for a few minutes, then rinsed away. Fluoride treatments are inexpensive, take only a few minutes after a teeth cleaning, and are a great way to help prevent cavities in children of all ages.

Gentle Pediatric Care

at Carmel Valley Dental

Dr. Bancroft will help keep your child’s teeth strong and healthy with preventive pediatric care at Carmel Valley Dental. If you and your child are in the Carmel Valley area, feel free to stop by our office at 12750 Carmel Country Road, Suite 206, San Diego, CA 92130 or give us a call at (858) 755-3780 to get started.

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