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Invisalign in Carmel Valley

If you’re in Carmel Valley and are interested in straightening your smile, but you want to avoid wearing traditional braces, Invisalign from Carmel Valley Dental may be right for you. At our office, Dr. Bancroft specializes in straightening teeth with Invisalign. Contact us for a consultation today to see if Invisalign is right for you!

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What Is Invisalign?

Understanding the Basics

Invisalign is a clear, transparent alternative to traditional metal braces. Instead of using wires, brackets, and rubber bands to shift your teeth, Invisalign uses special thin, hard plastic aligners. These aligners look a lot like a retainer or night guard, and are built to gently shift your teeth into a straight, even, and healthy position over time.

Once Dr. Bancroft approves you for treatment, she will take images, impressions, and x-rays of your mouth and work with Invisalign to develop your treatment plan. You’ll come back in a few weeks to get your first several sets of aligners.

Each set of aligners is usually worn for 20-22 hours a day. You’ll swap to a new set about every 2 weeks. About every 6 weeks, you’ll come in for a quick checkup with Dr. Bancroft and she will examine your mouth to ensure that your treatment is on track.

Most patients require between 20-24 sets of aligners to correct their smiles. However, the treatment time may be shorter or longer depending on your own needs for orthodontic correction. For an accurate estimate of your treatment time, we recommend scheduling a consultation at Carmel Valley Dental.

Why Choose Invisalign Instead of Braces?

The Benefits of Clear Aligners

First, clear aligners like Invisalign are virtually invisible when worn. They are made of very thin, transparent plastic that fits perfectly over your teeth and does not affect your speech. This makes Invisalign very popular with adult patients who wish to avoid wearing braces due to their highly visible nature.

Invisalign is also completely removable. You can take out your aligners to eat, so there are no dietary restrictions. You’ll also be able to take them out to brush and floss, making it easier to continue to care for your teeth. With traditional braces, brushing and flossing properly can be more difficult which leaves you more susceptible to tooth decay and gingivitis.In addition, Invisalign is more comfortable than braces because there are no metal brackets or wires to poke your mouth. These aligners also exert even, gentle pressure to move your teeth, so there is less discomfort during the process of straightening your smile, compared to braces.

Invisalign v. braces

Post-Orthodontic Care

Retainers After Invisalign

After you’ve finished your Invisalign treatment, you’ll need to continue to wear retainers at night to prevent your teeth from shifting back towards their original positions. Your retainer will look almost exactly like a set of Invisalign clear plastic aligners, but it is designed to hold your teeth in their current position, rather than move them. It will also usually be thicker, as it’s designed to last between 3-5 years, instead of being worn for just 2 weeks. 

If you do not wear your retainers at night, your teeth may start to shift, potentially undoing your entire treatment. Be diligent about wearing your retainers to ensure that your smile always looks its best

The Clear Choice

Invisalign Treatment at Carmel Valley Dental

With Dr. Bancroft, the entire Invisalign treatment process is straightforward and simple. If you have been considering orthodontic treatment and you are located in the Carmel Valley area, stop by our office at 12750 Carmel Country Road, Suite 206, San Diego, CA 92130 or give us a call at (858) 755-3780.

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