Dr. Lindsay Bancroft

Dr. Lindsay Bancroft


Dr. Bancroft (born and raised in Buffalo NY) was influenced by the health sciences from a very early age—her father being an anesthesiologist and her mother a pharmacist. So, it was no surprise that she elected to start a career in a field (Dentistry) that would allow her to help improve patients’ health.

Dr. Bancroft attended SUNY Buffalo School of Dental Medicine where she received her bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences. After graduating from SUNY Buffalo, she enrolled in the VA Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for one year as a General Practice Resident. She is now a member of the ADA, CDA, and San Diego County Dental Society.

Helping patients is a passion for Dr. Bancroft. She continues to expand her knowledge and skills by attending continuing education courses and using the latest technology and high-quality materials in her practice. She also emphasizes educating her patients as she knows that understanding oral health is integral to maintaining it.

As a talented violinist, Dr. Bancroft has traveled through Europe on two separate occasions, played with the Symphony Orchestra in college, and was in a quartet that played for the world-renowned Tokyo String Quartet. She even played in three live concerts with Kanye West!

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