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Happy Patients, Incredible Transformations

At Carmel Valley Dental, we take pride in the outcome of our patients’ transformations. No matter how large or small the treatment plan, you will always receive judgment-free care with compassion and understanding. We love seeing you leave our office feeling happy, healthy, and proud of your new smile. Take a look at these patient smile transformations by clicking and dragging the arrows and see what we can do for you!

Case 1

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Frances was insecure about her smile, disliking the uneven, chipped edges and gum line cavities. Before placing crowns on her upper 6 anterior teeth we created a "mock-up" with temporary material so she could see what a difference this cosmetic treatment would make. We corrected Frances’s decayed teeth and cross-bite with custom, lab-made dental crowns. We take our time in making sure our patients know what to expect and are going to be happy with the final result. Creating a mock-up for Frances helped us keep her informed and confident every step of the way.

Case 2

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When Anne came to us, she felt self-conscious about her smile and unsatisfied with the dental work she had received from other offices. Anne disliked the color and shape of the crowns on her front teeth, so we developed a treatment plan that would focus on improving the aesthetics of her upper front teeth. We whitened her teeth and placed crowns on her four front teeth to brighten her smile and restore her confidence.

Case 3

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Before starting treatment, Sue’s natural teeth had pitted, discolored enamel that collected stains. She was unhappy with the appearance of her front teeth and wanted a brighter yet still natural-looking smile. After completing a mock-up with a few different shades, Sue was ready to move forward with treatment. We placed thin porcelain veneers and custom crowns to improve the aesthetics of her smile. She left our office with a beautiful result and renewed confidence!

Case 4

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Sam disliked the esthetics of the silver fillings on his lower molar. He would often notice the silver when he opened his mouth wide or had a "big laugh". Dr. Bancroft determined that the silver filling was conservative enough that it could be replaced with a white, tooth-colored filling instead of a crown. This allowed the doctor to retain a majority of the tooth structure while giving the patient confidence in his smile through a cosmetic, restorative procedure.